Sugerencias para el fin de semana

Del libro "Kids make music", escrito por Avert Hart y Paul Mantell y publicado por Williams Publishing en 1993 apuntamos las siguientes sugerencias para hacer música y además disfrutar. Tienes tres opciones:

1. Scat singing.

In scat singing, you use your voice like an instrument, making up nosense syllables to go with the tune you're letting out. Scat singing is a kind of jazz singing, and is it ever fun!

2. Make walnut cascanets.

Cascanets are small hand-held instruments that add to the clicking of flamenco. One of the ways to make them is with walnut shells.

3. Go to a concert

If you've never been to a concert, are you ever for a treat! A concert is a chance to hear musicians playing the music they know best. There are rock concerts for rock fans, folk concerts for people who love folk music, and classical music for people who want to hear classical music.

Ya sabes, tienes posibilidades suficientes para hacer música y disfrutar. ¡Feliz fin de semana!

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